Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

I Shouldn't Be Surprised

One of my Spamazon orders was noted as dispatched on Monday. For no reason at all that I can fathom, it's being shipped by ShittyLink, despite being a normal first-class-post job that normally the Royal Mail don't fuck up too badly.

Ahh, but this is ShittyLink. Going by their website, the goods were out today and returned after an unsuccessful delivery. Except J's been in all day and they never attempted a delivery. Par for the course with these morons.

Checking Amazon's tracking site clues me in: the depot in question is in Milton Fucking Keynes. That's a thirteen hour round trip, over seven hundred miles. Which is bloody stupid, as there's a depot out near the Gyle.

Anyone on my flist had any luck at kicking ShittyLink until they spit out an actual package rather than the crap that's all their website offers?

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