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Character Creation 17: Scion: Hero

I'd put something here, but it'd be about work, so I'm not. These are public, not flocked. That said, one that quite possibly could become a rant:

The Game: Scion: Hero
The Publisher: White Wolf Game Studio
Degree of Familiarity: I've played the quickstart and gave the game a good shot. I bought and read Demigod in the hopes that it fixed the mechanics, but no. So I've not played it since.
Books Required: Scion: Hero

Ahh, Scion. A great idea, tied to an update of the Exalted system. Unfortunately, the changes altered all the bits that worked, fucking up the maths behind the system. Rather than reiterate my main concerns, I'll point to my earlier analysis of the system, along with some proposed fixes. That post also covers my opinion of the Scion developer, and indeed, of the game in general0.

Roight. Let's get to it. Five steps, like all the old games.

Step One: Calling
"Calling" is a randomly-changed term for the perfectly good "Concept". So. Who do I want to play? This time, I'm thinking a crotchety engineer type (that'd be Stew's Stock Concept √2). The kind of person who's been building things for a long time. I'm having flashbacks to one of the characters in When Will You Rage of all things, an old engineer who goes to work for a biotech firm. In this case, let's give him a good reason to build: He's lost his right arm and is trying to build a replacement. Very recently, he's found out that his father is actually Hephaestus, and that his missing arm is a manifestation of his dad's crippled legs. He's a gruff, crotchety bastard who just happens to come up with the perfect idea to save everyone's bacon. I'm thinking he looks like Alan Moore with a soldering iron and slide rule in place of a pencil.

I need a name for him. Randomly, I remember one of the Perry twins, sculptors of Games Workshop minis, lost his arm in a re-enactment thing. Mike, I think it was. John Perry, then.

Right. Divine parent is Hephaestus, making his Pantheon the Dodekatheon, the Greco-Roman gods. That gives me Art, Control, Craft, Investigation, Melee, and Science as a set of favoured abilities, and Epic Intelligence, Epic Stamina, Epic Strength, Arete, Earth, and Fire as associated powers. I'm making a note of them here so I don't have to keep flicking through the bloody tome.

Finally, a Nature. Cynic would be too obvious. He's actually drawn to engineering in order to teach others. Admittedly, he does so in the old-fashioned (and wrong-headed) way of snapping at every little mistake, more drill sergeant than high-school teacher. That'd be Pedagogue, then.

Step Two: Attributes
By the three-testicled fertility god of Omicron Persei 8, there's a lot of points going on here. Prioritising, I make Mental Primary, Physical secondary, and Social tertiary.

Mentally, four points in Intelligence. Of the remaining, I drop two points into Perception, and two into Wits. He's really fucking smart, and that bleeds over. Subconscious pattern recognition and processing speed are both above normal.

Physically, he's hardy, good with his hands, and stronger than average. Two points into everything.

Socially, I figure two points into Charisma, one into Manipulation, and one into Appearance. He's mostly average, but he's got a fire in him when he gets worked up over something.

Step Three: Abilities
Again, they've thrown lots of points to compensate for the shortfalls in the system rather than looking to mechanical rigour (compare WoD task resolution with Scion, WoD wins).

I've got to put at least six points into the favoured skills, out of a total of thirty. Three points go into Craft, because he's an engineer. Three more into Science, and two into Investigation. That's the least he needs to be a decent engineering genius. I figure that the awakening of his divine heritage awoke some old memories, enough to justify three points into Melee. Finally, a point in Control because he's no slouch behind the wheel of a car. Twelve points into favoured skills.

He's well-read, kind of a polymath. Three points in Academics. Two in Awareness, again as a product of his prodigious mind. A point in Fortitude, on account of his dealing with the loss of his arm. He used to design high-tech firearms, and would test his own designs, for two points in Marksmanship. Two dots in Athletics, because he keeps in fine shape, a dot in Medicine, two in Presence (his will to teach).

Fuckit. That's twenty-five. Then I remember that Science and Craft require specialties. The extant ones become Craft (Electronics) and Science (Physics). Three points in Craft (Mechanical), and two in Science (Chemistry) round things out.

Step Four: Advantages
First thing to do is pick Birthrights. I know I want a beefed-up Relic, so I drop three points there, and two into another Relic. I'm going to increase those again.

Ten points in Epic Attributes and Boons. The only Boon I'm really interested in is Arete. Two points in Arete: Crafts and one in Arete: Melee. Time to go to town on the Epics: Str, Stamina, and Int. Two points into all of them. I get two Knacks in each Epic. For Strength it's Holy Rampage and Uplifting Might. In Epic Stamina, Damage Conversion and Holy Fortitude. Epic Int gives me Fast Learner and Know-It-All. Finally, one point in Epic Wits means I can pick up Rabbit Reflexes.

Virtues are next. Expression, Intellect, Valor, Vengeance. Three dots into Intellect, one into Valor, and one into Vengeance.

Step Five: Finishing Touches
Willpower is 6. Legend is 2. Time to spend bonus points. Seven go on increasing Legend, because I'd be dumb not to. I increase that high Relic to 5 (setting me back another 4 points). Four left. Hell with it. Arete: Melee up to two.

So, what're the Relics? One is a golden mechanical arm, crammed with gadgets that channel many Knacks, effectively acting like a Mother Box. The arm also has a well-balanced blade in the forearm, that extends into a full-length Spatha. Acc 1, Damage 4L, Def +1, Spd 4. Increase Damage to 7, Accuracy to 3, and Speed to 3. Realising that I don't need the other Relic, I change it to a Guide, which inhabits a PDA.

So yeah, that's it. I'm too fucking tired to do any more, as is probably obvious.

Name: John Perry
Calling: Gruff engineering genius
Nature: Pedagogue
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
God: Hephaestus

Strength 3 (2), Dexterity 3, Stamina 3 (2)
Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2
Perception 3, Intelligence 5 (2), Wits 3 (1)

Academics 3, Athletics 2, Awareness 2, Control 1, Craft (Electronics) 3, Craft (Mechanical) 3, Fortitude 1, Investigation 2, Marksmanship 2, Medicine 1, Melee 3, Presence 2, Science (Chemistry) 2, Science (Physics) 3
Willpower: 6
Soak: 5/4/2
Legend: 3/9

Expression 1
Intellect 4
Valor 2
Vengeance 2

Relic 5 (Mechanical arm with embedded blade; Acc 3, Dam 7L, Def +1, Spd 3)
Guide 2 (Inhabited PDA)

Holy Rampage
Uplifting Might
Damage Conversion
Holy Fortitude
Fast Learner
Rabbit Reflexes

Arete: Crafts 2
Arete: Melee 2

0: It's so nice being able to rant-by-reference rather than constantly repeating myself and having to do the maths all over again.
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