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Another day

Spooks tonight was fantastic. If there's anyone in England that doesn't watch the show (assuming they don't ork when it's on) they should be soundly beaten. Tonight's episode made me want to run a game based upon it. The "This could be real" feeling is something that has to be captured by more TV series, in favour of the boobs, guns and explosions that signifies the crap on everywhere else.

Before you do anything else: Look two posts down. Read Orbital. Decide that is worth more of your attention and feedback that some fucking quiz. I really shouldn't have posted so soon after drilling a hole in my skull and letting raw intelligent creativity pour out. So now, give me feedback on Orbital.

Today was spent going down to Stafford for results day. Got my FYP back, and all of my assignments, and got the final word on my degree. I got an upper second class honours degree. In other words, a 2-1 BSc (Hons). Americans probably won't understand the 2-1 part, safe to say that there are four classifications of degree and most people get in the lower two (2-2 and 3rd). Considering I was hoping for a 2-2, I'm rather fucking happy. For a change.

"Stewart Wilson, BSc (Hons)". I like the sound of that.

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