Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

An Observation

Some gamers seem to think that BRP is an excellent system, easily adaptable to every possible genre. They go on to extole the virtues of a twenty-year-old cludged percentile cesspit of a system as if it were the second coming of Christ despite it embodying everything that stopped a whole generation of gamers even looking at percentile systems and thus dismissing Unknown Armies, which does things with percentile dice that make BRP scream like a bitch.

Note that these are a small subset of BRP fans who happen to be voiciferous, not the entirety of BRP fans.

Said gamers demonstrate their system's "obvious superiority" at the same time as voicing their dislike of die-pool systems, usually Storyteller or Storytelling though occasionally also Shadowrun. It's as if, for them, BRP is the only system that's any good and anyone who wants to use die pools are wrongheaded.

These gamers should be purged from the earth with fire. I can handle everything else, but I can't handle a BRP fan on a onetrueway kick.
Tags: rpg

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