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Nested Tesseracts

Despite being in the middle of one book, I'm already thinking ahead to the next one. This is good, because this is what happened with Slasher, the Hunter book that contains what I consider to be some of my strongest work to date.

What I'm encountering is distinctly nonlinear thoughts, like crystal fragments of a four-dimensional jigsaw. Everything's rotating in my head, finding odd ways to fit together and casting strange reflections. I'd use a notebook but right now words are out of the question.There's too many angles; not enough edge pieces when I've only got two corners. But already I've found interesting patterns in the reflections.

In possibly related news, my pattern-recognition is working faster than normal. Seriously. I notice when things change even if I don't remember noticing them the first time round. Put two or three together and I've got a workable hypothesis. It feels a little like I'm the Goddamn Batman.

My brain is a fucking weird place sometimes.

Character... when I'm done. Too many nights away from the keyboard. Need to ketchup. Tomato? No. Mushrooom ketchup. Or is it catsup? So then, milk. Because that's what cats sup. And I dread to think what a cat's down might be.The point to which one straps the buttered side of some toast?


Sep. 4th, 2008 09:46 am (UTC)
Re: Stories
Jigsaws are a useful but limited metaphor. Rather than each piece being a tiny plane depicting a plane, each piece in the thoughtpalace is a tesseract; a self-contained four-dimensional idea that casts 3D shadows that can be crystallised through words. Only when the pieces are assembled and the model truly working in 4-space can the reduction begin, filtering through layers of cognition and perception into communicable ideas.



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