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We spent the weekend in York, eating great food (including the Ploughmans at the Punch Bowl, a notorious Whig hangout), sightseeing, cursing Travelodge0, cursing my heavy bag (should have taken the duct tape and cables out), sightseeing, climbing to the top of the Minster again, not immediately fleeing to Ye Olde Starre for a whisky or five for my nerves1, walking most of the walls, and all the other tourist-y stuff that one does in York.

With batteries fully recharged, I knocked out a big chunk of...err...have I given this one a WIP title yet? No? Call it Stairway to Stepford. Yeah. Got a chunk of Stairway to Stepford done last night. One last push and that's done, so hopefully tomorrow.

Tonight, I had a bit of a revelation. I'm still in the holiday mellow—I only realised it was Tuesday when walking out the door. Sleep deprivation has robbed me of the ability to see what's important.

I got out of financial services because I didn't like the idea of fucking poor people over. My job was ultimately about making people miserable. But now, well, fuck that. I get to go to work and help people. My presence makes people happy because I fix things. Then, I come home and write things that make other people happy. I'm all about increasing the level of happiness in the world.

Tomorrow, I'm sure something will annoy me. But I'm just as sure that I'll make someone smile. And it's the latter that matters.

0: I like to think that a little of gominokouhai's skill has rubbed off on me, but I'm damned if I can find a B&B for just a Saturday night in York on a with two days' notice.
1: I can't stand open heights. I still drag myself up high buildings, because I refuse to be ruled by my own fear. I've not yet conquered that fear, mind.
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