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Life Goes On

Random thing: I finally got the character sheet scanned for The Secret of Zir'an. I've added my latest haul to the master list, so let me know if there's anything in particular you want to see.

In other gaming news, I'm powering through Reign. While Greg Stolze doesn't have any specific writer's tells that I could identify, he does make wonderfully readable prose. I'm a hundred pages in and feeling the same as if I'd breezed through twenty pages of any other game. I can already see the appeal—something that I'd not seen in reading all the reviews and discussions online.

Entirely unrelated to the above, my dad just sent me a Facebook friend request. My dad. A man who uses SMS messages solely to forward dirty jokes to his sons, and who has mastered the art of two-finger typing. This surprised me so much simply because I don't have a Facebook page. I realise that I'm probably one of five remaining carbon-based life-forms who doesn't have one, but even so. My dad's doing more social networking than me. Fuck.



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Sep. 25th, 2008 12:11 am (UTC)
Maybe this means you should be more social online! I know I haven't seen you in a billion years. :P I'm not even sure you're still human. For all I know, you might have mutated into a half man, half raven by now.
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