Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Damn, it's hot.

The problem with life at home is that it's so ridiculously boring. I keep looking at my LJ and thinking "I should really update that", but there's precious few times when there has been anything worth posting about (unless something/one has narked me), especially with this heat wave. Which I don't like, not one bit. There should be more inspiring me, but these four walls kill that before it starts. But anyhow, a general update.

Saturday was the Graduation Night Out, to the local Italian restaurant. It was just supposed to be the immediate family plus the one set of grandparents that can manage it. I even told my bro straight up that I did want him to be there, since it was meant to be family and all that shite. Three hours before we're meant to go, he informs us that he has other plans. Apparently, going out with the same mob of drunken idiots he does every single week he can is more important. Fucker. Anyhow, was a nice meal and all that[1], especially the mussels. Lots for cheap. Afterwards, rather merry, I ended up talking with my grandma in iambic pentameter. Something to do with Shakespeare in the TV.

Sunday was boring. I ended up being the errand slave for the day what with bro + grillfiend colonising the house. Everywhere I tried to be, they were and they were fucking up my stuff. Resting books on my laptop. Shifting everything on the meager space I have as a desk around because the acres of space he has is just not enough, and thus cutting me off from my Deus Ex fix (an act which, at this point, can be counted as criminal). I tried to get away, but with all of my shit still packed away and inaccessible, that was not possible. And that carried on through today, what with him home sick. I don't know why, but for some reason whenever he's ill[2] he colonises the main room. Hence, I've been stuck having to cater to his whims and now am sat in the same room as he was with the windows wide open as this place really and truly reeks. Bah.

As can be seen, I really, really need inspiration.

[1]: Save when I see "Red and Grey Mullet in Basil Sauce", I expect the sauce to be more than just chopped basil.
[2]: Nobody else ever does this, just him.

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