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I've been having one of those blah-type weekends, where you do nothing because the only better thing is work and you really have no energy to do it. I dislike it intensely when that happens, but there ain't much I can do about it. At least I managed to kill some more faceless mooks in Soldier of Fortune (the original). That stopped me going completely nuts with cabin fever. Why can I not get stuff done unless there's a deadline looming like Sgt. Detritus in a dark alley? I will never know, I fear.

A sip of pure Javan coffee laced with enough sugar to raise the dead, and all of a sudden my veins are on fire and my brain is screaming at the rest of me to wake up. Now I remember why I buy the stuff. I need to make proper coffee more often. I'm a chapter into Trappe and Washington's "Introduction to Cryptography", and I really should be more so. I'll read it before bed. It will put me to sleep if nothing else. It's helped cement one thing in my mind: I'm not using public-key. My project is for very secure communications, not for general e-mail security. PGP does that well enough, I think.

Random Geekness: The kitbashes at Q's Corner have given me the incurable urge to repaint and remodel a Neo Bird Gundam into some form of Jetfire. Fear me.

Reposted from the White Wolf forums, here's a character concept for this week's challenge word: Wanderer. Thanks to Blizzardwolf for setting the challenge. I'm posting it in the hopes that one of you may get some mileage out of this character, as I like it enough to make it a PC, but have no game I can play in.

A Glass Walker Theurge, tracing the nervous system of the world by following electricity and data flows across the world. She is obsessed by the idea that the datasphere relates to the Weaver's webs, and once she has finished her map she can work out where the best points to sever the lines are.

She wasn't always like this. Once she ran with a pack of Random Interrupts, crashing the systems of corrupted corporations before stripping their accounts and moving on. But that was never enough. No matter how many companies they took down, nothing changed. For every head of the great hydra that was cut off, two more sprang up. The calling of the spirits urged her to look deeper, to find the hearts to cut out rather than the heads. Gathering a new Pack, she left her home city and began wandering, mapping the datasphere and making a note of just where to strike for the most damage.

The scary thing is that the concept above is the only interesting thing to come into my head all week. My inspiration is shot to hell. I need to start chain smoking and drinking coffee by the vat again. Time for another cup of the Javan I think. The reason, by the way, that my chosen music is so often the new Chilli Peppers single is quite simply because it is amazing.

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