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Yet more heat

Had to be at the DSS[1] for $EARLY thirty, which was not nice. Lots of paperwork to fill out, stupid questions (including two fucking forms because I'd spent the year in Germany just to prove I'm not an asylum-seeker[2]). Turns out I get $MEAGRE a week[3], enough for me to start paying off my overdraft and still go out once a week and possibly buy some shit. Which will be nice. Of course, in any week where I don't apply for at least two positions, they'll whine[4].

Anyway. That's not what put me in a bad mood. What did that was sitting outside[5]. By ten in the morning it was already too hot and too muggy to contemplate going back to sleep. Thus, since the only source of moving air was outside, I sat outside, and started to read the Exalted mainbook. Though I've started on Abyssals before this, this was the first time I started on the mainbook. Some may consider this odd, I couldn't give a toss what they think. So, anyhow, I lost track of time, and ended up with a mild[6] sunburn. Which, after copious aftersun is still pissing me off.

I also have to be up at $EARLY[7] tomorrow, as it;s my graduation ceremony, with the capand the gown and everything. People keep asking me whether I'm nervous. I feel kind of strange for telling them "No. It's all been over for a few weeks, I've had the chance to get adjusted to the soul-crushing capitalist bullshit you mistakenly call `real life' and all this is is a trivial formality." They look at me weird when I say that, like sitting aroun beig bored by speeches then stepping up to collect a piece of paper that says the same as the one I got last Monday just in a fancier font is meant to be a big deal. I shall have to see why they hav all this hype crap tomorrow, I think.

[1]: Department of Social Services: The wonderful government department that ensures that the unemployed get paid money as long as they hunt for jobs, whilst students must rely on loans. Bastard government of ours.
[2]: Presumably because if I was I'd get free housing and a fuck of a lot more than I will on the dole. Bastard government of ours.
[3]: I'm paranoid about talking about money matters with people that aren't very close friends. I'm doubly so when it comes to online channels, thanks to GCHQ monitoring and potentially reporting anything that's "public". Bastard government of ours.
[4]: Or, given the benefit crackdown at present, have me arrested for fraud despite the fact that there are maybe two positions that I could take each fortnight. Bastard government of ours.
[5]: Brother still ill, him being in the main room turns that into a sweaty furnace, especially in 100F+ heat. Bastard govern... wait.
[6]: As in: Just really red, only on my torso/upper arms, no blistering or ugliness
[7]: For the same value of $EARLY, even.

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