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My Crimes Were Only Boyish Pranks!

I've had musicals on the brain all weekend. I think I'll blame innocent_man.

My brain's otherwise fried. I should be writing but nothing springs. Need tonight off to re-set my brian after today.

Here's a hint: if you ask me to retrieve your documents off your old computer, then I'll do it. Asking me a month later where they are, when I told you a month ago isn't a good idea. Telling me that I'd missed them, when I'd got every fucking document, is an even worse idea. Turns out that this particular... individual needed a saved password retrieved for a website. A password that she got through the post five years ago, on a site with no "forgotten password" link.

I got it after some rather interesting digging, but still. if you do not tell me what you want, you will not get what you want.

A related one: If you drop an email wanting support, maybe mention if you're going to vanish. Because I'm sick and tired of wandering off along maintenance corridors just to find a locked-up office and no signs of life. I mean, have some common fucking decency.

Hell, go for the hat-trick: if you requisition our laptop, we will come get it back. If you're not there, I'll take it anyway: you wanted it for the morning meeting, and it's now the day afterwards and I've got a teacher who wants it in ten minutes. Contacting me in minute five of those ten begging for the incredibly ultra-secret documents that you'd put on that laptop isn't a good idea—maybe returning it to us rather than treating it as a personal machine would be the way to go? Apparently not.

It's twenty to ten and even Gordon Ramsey swearing at Americans isn't holding my interest. I think, in future, that going to bed at 1am is a bad move when the alarm's set for half six.

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