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Back form Aviemore. An odd place, reminded me a little of Austria and more of America; all the buildings set back from the road with tracts of tarmac in front so people can park on them. Most of the buildings are new enough, built since the start of the 70's boom of the town as a ski resort. But even without snow it's a pretty area, with good walking and a great fish shop. The B&B was also fantastic, though the available licensed establishments left something to be desired; most had "70's design" as an unstated feature. So on the way back, we spent a couple of hours pottering around Blair Atholl again and having lunch in the Atholl Arms. Glorious.

I saw the perfect present for gominokouhai: a big box of "Condiments for Meat". Had I £15 to spare, I'd have snapped it up. Lovely stuff inside, indeed that descriptor goes for the butcher/delicatessen in general, though I didn't buy anything—I'd have had to buy both meat and preparations, and I had no space to bring anything back.
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