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I'm starting to use Twitter again, after a number of people started adding me. Don't worry, I'm not going to be one of those awful human beings who feeds every last update to this journal. If anything, Twitter is a place for me to shout at the world without worrying about forming coherent sentences. I'm drifting back to a recurrent meme that I've caught regarding distributed consciousness. More when I can properly frame it.

I need to keep pushing myself to write at least 1500 a night. Things are starting to get tight mostly due to missing lots of sleep and wandering around all over the place and showing up to my day job. Barring the actual end of the world, I should be fine. It's just strange getting back into it after the post-Hunter break (mandated by my mental health, I hastily note).

Last night, I experienced my first zombie apocalypse in City of Heroes (rarely, I'd finished writing before 22:30 so I felt justified in hitting things with a big sword). Incredible amount of fun. The more people, the more zombies. The more zombies, the harder the kind of zombie spawned. We had 15 people between two teams in the middle of what looked like the fucking Land of the Dead. My Sword-Fu was great, boosted to the point where things fall over when I hit them. The only bugger was the crowd; too many people and too much damage output for me to find the right spot to hit weaker enemies. Even so. Very enjoyable. I recommend it to all. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee when I'll be in next. Soon, I hope.

And in other-other-other news, I need to replace my phone. I mostly use it for some light web access (Opera Mini is fine, so anything that can run Java applets) and decent photography, which rules out pretty much every smartphone. I really like my current Sony Ericsson k800, and I'm hoping that the c905 (the 8.1Mp beast of a cameraphone) will be just as relatively good. Unfortunately, the c905 ain't out yet and release dates online vary from "yesterday" to "October 34th" (cheers, Wikipedia, you useless waste of electrons). But I'm mostly just kvetching.
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