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That was... intense.

I had Friday off. I put this time to good use by sleeping in (because I've been running on too-little-sleep for the past month) and then cleaning the flat. I got all the floors hoovered, the windows cleaned, the kitchen spotless, and spent two and a half hours making our bathroom look bloody perfect. Of course, just as I finished my family showed up. Vittoria on the Bridge for dinner, where the food was excellent but the service started well but ended up godawful: we spent 20 minutes trying to get the bill and another 15 trying to get them to notice that we wanted to pay the fucking thing with a card, and then had another wait while they ignored us wanting our coats.

Saturday... what a day. Between powerful winds and an insane amount of rain, we just about made it to the Elephant House, and from there to the farmer's market. Rather than carrying on, the utterly fucking awful weather meant returning home then finding things to do indoors. Gladstone's Land was one of those things. I've not been in before and it's an interesting place. We made an abortive attempt at the museum, but we returned home and left my parents there to enjoy it.

With my brain turned to mush, it was all I could do to join a zombie hunting team in CoH. Fortunately, I nabbed all the apocalypse-specific badges, and I only need two more from door-hunting. I've not seen a Jack or Eochai spawn for the event, but I kicked both of them in back when I was doing the Croatoa arc, so I'm not massively fussed yet.

Saturday night saw us in the Outsider, which was bloody good all round. The meal certainly made up for their losing the reservation last time I tried to get the four of us in. Which was good. Sunday saw another meet in the Elephant House and a wander through the Botanic Gardens, including a trip through the glasshouses. Membership there is definitely an option, I think.

Sunday afternoon was the first chance I had all weekend to revert to being me, as opposed to me-around-parents, two quite distinct shards of the same personality. I spent it catching up on everything and experimenting with new gadgetry, but could only manage 850 words on the latest project last night.

So come this morning, I'm back at work and everything's going nonlinear. I think I've got the latest project down to 4 days' work if I squint a bit and pace myself on the energy drinks so they still have an effect come Thursday. But ultimately, that was a three-day weekend that left me desperately needing a weekend to recover from it, and I ain't going to get one while I'm under this deadline.
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