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A Time For Change

Samhuinn's always a time of endings, but it's a time of new beginnings. Summer ends, but winter begins. It's all a cycle. And frankly, it's a good time for transitions to happen. Bad things end. Good things begin. Just got to remember that.

Speaking of Sahuinn, I unfortunately wasn't able to watch the procession and performance from street-level. I did hang out of our window and see the whole procession go past. I shot plenty of pictures, but most were too blurry to be of any use to anyone. spudtater is in one of the good ones, which is nice. Part of me is sad that I can't be more of a part—working for a school, I can't take time off outside of actual holidays, and my evenings and weekends now find me chained to a keyboard. On the other hand, I'm happy enough to have been a part and set an example. And cut a stunning figure with a torch, as the icon shows.

I had a discussion yesterday (well, Saturday, but clocks and calendars are lying cockends) about fabric softener. Couple that with easing off on the misanthropy, not smoking, and a general positive attitude (see above), I fear that I am living my mother's dream for me. Then I go into work and call people cunts, often when they can't hear. It's good to know I've not fallen completely to the Dark Side. Besides, I don't finish a meal by doing the washing-up, a mark that I remain touched by Satan in my mother's eyes.

Looking back over the past month, I note with interest that I've not made a character for almost a month. This is because I've been what we in the industry (any industry) call "Very Fucking Busy". If I thought I could get away with it, I'd be dumping screenshots from City of Heroes for a character creation post right now, but that feels too much like a nasty cross between hard work and cheating. I'll cobble something together tomorrow night; start re-reading A|State on the bus.

In other news, I had a whole bunch of funky ideas over the weekend. I really doubt they'll see the light of day—for entirely understandable reasons, I hasten to add. I was far too busy chasing a tangent. I need a proper scraps file where I can put these ideas until I've got somewhere I can use them.
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