Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Æternal Legends in Edinburgh

And a shout-out to Edinburghers and those capable of visiting: Black Lion Games on Buccleugh St has copies of Æternal Legends available. After a slight communications cock-up, things are back on track and I'd urge everyone who still wants a copy to go through Edinburgh's finest purveyors of roleplaying and miniatures gaming materials rather than ordering direct. This way, you even get to thumb through the pages before deciding to part with some cash.

Better yet, the price in the shop hasn't been affected by the changes to the dollar/pound exchange rate. You get change from fifteen quid (MSRP is £14.25), and for a full roleplaying game to boot. When other games are running £25-30, that smells like a bargain.

If you're still unsold, the design notes and extensive previews.

I should have something nice and meaty as a gift for people before the end of the year, with any luck.
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