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Worthless TV Companies

I was hoping to provide some links to accompany the glorious (but commentless) comedy. Unfortunately, there's nothing on Google Video, and the bits on YouTube are all the soppy crap about fitting dogs with prosthetic limbs and giving wheelchairs to rabbits.

Worse, Channel 4 are patently useless. The great thing about the BBC is that they're funded by the TV tax. That means they aren't beholden to advertisers and can occasionally do something right: the iplayer is the prime example; all the BBC's output free to watch for seven days on any device with a decent Flash player. Channel 4 is a commercial enterprise that's sucking the malformed cock of Microsoft all the way to the bank. To even see if the program's available needs IE5.5 or later (err, no) and WMP10 or later (not just no but "Hell No!"). So because my only working home computer is a Mac, I can't see anything. So I can't point you to links (not that I would point you to such a locked down site, but you get my meaning). It might be up on a few trackers, but I'm at work and can't check.

So sorry. My description's all you've got to go on.
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