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Option X

Thanks for guessing, to all none of you that did. Sure, you only had three hours... it took me less than that to write the bloody thing! So, nobody wins the prize.

However, you can all read the new part of Option X right here.

If you're wondering what the fuck I'm going on about, Option X is a metahuman (that's "superheroes with long words") comic-book-in-prose. According to the people that have read it, it's actually rather good. The full thing can be got at by clicking here.

To think... the first four parts, introducing the main characters, were written in December. Then January for the next part, then over six months later, this. Still, I'm not going to let it just die.

Oh, and for those that don't know: I'm a feedback whore. Even if it's criticism, leave it all here.

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