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Gigantor on Friday was great. Unfortunately, it also meant going to bed at 4am. I'm getting far, far too old for that shit. Especially when the doorbell rang at 9am on Saturday. Having resolved that little situation, I crashed back out until half eleven. Sunday was worse; I couldn't crawl into consciousness before half past fucking twelve.

I'm actually a bit angry at myself for that. I'm not at university any more, and I've got to that age where I actually appreciate being awake during the day and doing such simple things as going out for a breakfast that happens sometime before three in the afternoon.

On the other hand, I have good reason: I've been utterly knackered for the past couple of weeks. Seriously, brain-fuckingly tired. The kind where everything's filtered through a high-pressure barrier in the brain and nothing's quite right. I needed a weekend of come-down, especially with the month ahead. When the most stress a weekend holds is shooting raiders and super-mutants in the face, I know I'm good for the week ahead.
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