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Year in Review

Damn. Sunday night. Back to it tomorrow, back to everything I've not had to do for almost three weeks now.

But yes. We're into January, and it's time to look both forwards and back—the month's named for Janus, after all.

Anyway. I've not changed too much; still human and bearded:

Me, 2009

2008 was a weird year. I notice a lot of people on my flist saying that 2008 sucked, but I didn't have that. For the first time in quite a while, I had a year that I'm not unhappy with. Sure, the first eight months were the strongest—six of which I spent writing like a mad bastard and the other two relearning how to be human rather than a machine that produces words.

For reference, despite holding down a 9-5 job, I wrote 145,000 words last year, split over Æternal Legends0, Hunter: The Vigil, World of Darkness, Werewolf: The Forsaken, and Geist. That is, going by autopope's averages, more than a novel. Likewise, I edited 150,000 words1.

About the only thing 2008 didn't include was a decent holiday. Despite spending weekends on Cumbrae (beautiful), Bute (Mount Stewart is nice, stayed in a good B&B, but the rest didn't grab me), York (always grand), and Aviemore (surprisingly pretty, even without snow). I'd like to spend a week somewhere this year, rather than a long weekend, but we'll see what we can wangle.

So yeah. Despite a bit of a downturn in the last four or so months, the year hasn't turned out bad at all.

2009... Hopefully, I'm going to spend a great deal of it writing, for the simple reason that I really enjoy writing. Some projects are great, some drag like bastards, but they're all infinitely preferable to not writing. A wee bit of fanboy recognition wouldn't go amiss, but I can do without.

I'd also like to get a regular gaming thing together again. Unfortunately, that means a night of the week where I'm guaranteed no writing, which can be a pain when I'm swamped with deadlines, but shit happens.

Hell, if the whole year can be like the first six months of 2009 I'd have no major complaints.

I'm not making resolutions. I've tried in the past and I never keep them. Instead, things I want to change will indeed change. It happened with fags, it's pretty much happened with booze, and it's happened with attitude. After all, a couple of years ago I was wittering on about how nothing really new was happening. I reflected on this as the year turned into 2009. After all, I was shooting the fireworks on a pocket camera good enough to use for an FHM photo shoot, and using that camera's built-in telephone to send those pictures straight to my laptop. Later, I used that same telephone to contact my father, on his music player. Two years ago I was whinging that the future wasn't, simply because I wasn't looking in the right place. That's not the way to go. The trick is to see where the future is.

Veering onto a different philosophical tangent, I updated my time capsule. That entry, barring weird shit, is going to be a conversation between myself at various points in life. If you did the same last year and didn't update it, go and say something.

0: The quickstart, which should be available soon.
1: Differences because I edited a book I'd first wrote in 2007, but hadn't edited the last thing I wrote in 2008.
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