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Finally, a layout I'm mostly happy with. It's not online yet, because I still need to do the content. This being for my new, improved pro website.

I'm not 100% happy with the design—I think I'm using too much in the upper end of grey—but it all seems to work so far and I can't see a way around the issues I'm having.

The next trick is picking out some samples from my archives to show what I can do. What should I use? I'm pretty set on City of Silence, an Artemis Hemingway, and both of the strokes of figgly genius (I Met Myself In Tescos and My Powersuit Arrived From Ebay) but other than that I'm not entirely sure. Suggestions appreciated. I might revise the old Futurology script and put it up.

And with that done, I go to sleep the sleep of the dead.
Tags: site

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