Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

More on Demon and the Wayback Machine

Hah! It wasn't just me having trouble with the Wayback Machine, as this article on El Reg demonstrates

Oddly, the filter isn't even hard to beat. See, Demon's invisible proxies are just rewriting the domain in all <a href=""> tags on pages under to instead point to, thus breaking the Internet Archive. Follow a direct link to a page on the Internet Archive and everything's fine. Likewise, replace "" with "" in your web browser, and things work—at least, they work for me. But try clicking on any of the links, and you get bounced to the bloody web filter.

Demon's tech support have made me long for the days when they had people of Clue manning their phones.
  • I phoned up to complain. Got someone on the other end who didn't understand the problem until I'd explained it ten times, then claimed it was a problem with my computer and that I should "patch my windows". When I pointed out that it wasn't, and that I had a vague inkling of what I was doing, he put me on hold for fifteen minutes and then disconnected on me.
  • I tried their "LiveText" chat thing, which is supposed to give realtime chat with one of their techies. No dice. Despite typing repeated messages out, the lazy fucker didn't type a single message in reply in over an hour.
  • I emailed a full description of the problem on Friday morning, and got a reply yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.
Their reply started with the words
"Further to your email, as told to you earlier that it appears that these archive sites could have been blocked in error.
As told to me earlier? Bollocks it was. The email goes on to state—in incredibly broken English—that Customer Relations needs to call me, asking for a time and a telephone number. I suggested any time before 12 this morning. No call. I might get something tomorrow. Or next week, given how long these imbeciles take to read their fucking email.

I'm seriously considering telling Demon where they can shove it, assuming I can actually talk to someone for long enough to register my hatred, and assuming I can find a better solution.

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