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In my quest to transform into the opposite of who I was five years ago, I've gone one step further and attacked my natural food consumption.

Now, I like red meat. I like it a lot. Unfortunately, over the break that was just about all I'd been eating and my system needed variety. I first noticed this when craving vegetables. I'll say that again, because those who know me might not believe that: I craved vegetables.

Needless to say, this craving shocked me. So over the past nine days, aided and abetted by the farmer's market, I've worked a simple healthy eating thing: two days of fish dishes, usually accompanied by salad, one day of something else. Variety has been good on the fish front—just baked and fried so far, but that's more for lack of time than anything else, and between salmon, smoked haddock, plaice, sole, and monkfish, the flavour has been wonderful.

I'm also finding fresh uses for asparagus and peanut shoots in stir-fries.

So far, I've not started craving steak. Not yet, anyhow. But when I do, it'll be a nice treat.
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