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Double XP weekend

It's ten past midnight. I'm not tired. Which is a bit of a bugger since I've got to be at work tomorrow morning.

So. The weekend. I'd intended to write, but then people reminded me that it was Double XP in City of Heroes.

I've been playing City of Heroes since 2005. 45 months. What a thought... anyway. In all that time I've never got my main anywhere close to the level cap. Mostly, I don't have time. But the promise of twice the XP was just too good an offer to turn down.

Said main character, the Iron Frame started on Friday evening at level 41. Some excellent and fun teaming that started with kicking the crap out of Anti-Matter and just got better, including a run against Malta raids in Oranbega. I started at ten and finished at two in the morning, in that time I got to 43.

Saturday was a game of two halves. The afternoon was good, if a little brief. Testing out my new Targeting Drone against Nemesis and Hydra was the high point, but all too soon it was over with only one level gained. Went back in at eleven and spent a fruitless half hour with a crap pick-up group who expected me to do all the damn work. Another hour trading and trying in vain to find a group left me desperate and I grabbed the first invite that came by. Which was okay, but obviously a group not used to working with scrappers—knocking my target away from me is not a good idea. Still, I got to re-do a lot of Serpent Drummer's arc against the Rikti. After all of Saturday, I'd only managed to get a single level—but I was a mere tenth of a level off 45.

This morning got me to that. I've spent most of those 45 months playing solo, but this weekend I've found folks who I don't look on with trepidation. Into a team for the morning, doing random portal missions. Goes good until the lure of bacon drew me away, and I hit 46 in the duration—mostly beating up purple-conning Carnies. Back this evening for a long run against Praetorians, notably Anti-Matter (again), Bobcat, and Shadowhunter. Beating the crap out of all those arch-villains put me just over the top into 47—and let me grab an explosive shuriken, though by that point I was looking to see what colour the table was conning, and my need for food overrode everything else. And there was only half an hour of double XP left. Hence, no chance to test out the point-click-boom, which is a pity.

On the other hand, I'm at 47. 50 is within my grasp... time to do stuff like the Imperious Task Force, Lady Grey's Task Force, and indeed Statesman's Task Force—along with all the other content I've not yet had chance to do.

Tomorrow, I'm slaved to the keyboard again.
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