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Right then.

I've updated the Werewolf Forum FAQ (hit the Website link at the side, go to Misc. Writings, then Werewolf Forum FAQ). It's a reasonably big update, bringing things up to date, including a disclaimer, all that shite. Some of the additions deserve reading nomatter how long you've been there. I figure me and Amado deserved a mention.

I've just been playtesting Skeletons and Gems. The character creation is beautiful in its elegance and the whole thing flows very well for adding structure to a freeform game. hot_pants deserves kudos.

I've been listening to the Royal Philharmonic doing "summer songs", which is actually better than it seemed. That and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, of course.

The sun is coming up. Purple and red over the main polluted parts of the city, fading up through orance and yellow, then almost white, and the mosy brilliant blue. Reminds me of going out to watch the dawn. Damn, that was fun.

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