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More History Gone

Another bit of web history's going to go.

Yahoo!'s going to close GeoCities.

I remember setting up a GeoCities account with Fez, long before the bangborging0. '94 maybe? No later than '96. A place to dump character info for the old, old unmoderated HTML chats over at the White Wolf site; chats I only ever knew by IP address because that way you didn't have to deal with the fuck-ugly frameset. First website I ever had. I ignored it soon afterwards, of course. Got myself something useless on FortuneCity in 97 or so, xoom in 99, then on to Tripod around 2001? All of this is ancient history now, but for a long time GeoCities was the premier place to go if you wanted a homepage.

And now Yahoo!'s sticking the knife in nice and quietly.

But I'll still miss goatse being where it should more.

0: So called because Yahoo! ends with an exclamation mark and they went through a period of buying out decentish free web services and making them shit.



Apr. 24th, 2009 03:08 am (UTC)
God, I had a site years ago and I deleted it after I realized I justposted a thousand .gifs and jpegs on it.

Godspeed, Geocities. Your cheapass websites will be missed. I mean that, really. :/



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