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Creating Characters for Play

Woke up this morning due to having trouble breathing. Once more, I've got a lurgy of some kind. Which is really pissing annoying, because it's a nice day, if a little bracing, and we were going to climb Arthur's Seat. But given that a walk to the shops is knackering, that's got to happen another day. So I'm sat and I'm thinking about games.

A thread over on made me think of something: I've become more and more disillusioned with the idea of chargen-as-game over the years. I mean, I started gaming with Dungeoneer and quickly moved on to Champions. For the latter game, creating a character is a fine balance of point-buying, an exercise in recreational mathematics that doesn't have any further impact once you hit the table because things tend to go smoothly in actual play. Unless you pick a VPP or other oddment, of course. But Champions is the epitome of chargen-as-game, an attitude that also shows up in a range of games from Hellas to WHFRP and Dark Heresy to the full horror of the Ultimate Powers Book for Marvel Super-Heroes. That's all well and good for people who enjoy it, but more and more as I do this challenge I've come to realize that what I want out of a character creation system is something that's relatively fast, that lets me build the character I want, and that then gets to the important part: actual play. Systems like Truth & Justice or Over the Edge are grand: pick a few traits, give them numbers, get on with actually playing the fucking game.

But that's a tangent fueled by the strange substance currently growing in my lungs; a tangent that maybe doesn't jive with me doing the one-character-per-day challenge. But bollocks to it. This is an intellectual exercise for when my brain's not up to much, a sneaky way to work around a block in order to get back on-task.

Eww. I said "on-task". Shoot me, please.

Anyway. Time to get on with it. I might have a couple of character posts today, we'll see.
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