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Mecha and mice

I gave in to temptation earlier today, and picked up a Gundam Wing model kit. 1/100 scale High Grade Wing Gundam 0, to be precise. Perhaps this bears some explanation.

When I was a teenager, I was addicted to wargaming, particularly the futuristic Warhammer 40,000. After a few yeas and far too much money wasted, I found myself spending more time painting and kitbashing (altering) individual models than I did in actually playing the game. Of course, the great models I remembered from when I started playing the game that I wanted to go back to had suffered price increases of over 400%. I decided not to bother, finished some projects I had on the go, and packed the whole lot away. The thing is, I really rather liked doing it. It was something I could concentrate on without letting the outside world bother me, and it gave me something to do with my hands. Since then, I've done very little more manually complex than typing ludicrously fast and using Emacs.

More recently, I've been getting more and more into Trinity, White Wolf's science fiction game. One of the better features of the game is that it allows for mecha (termed VARG's) without bogging down the game in unnecessary rules. I've been entertaining the idea of creating models of the various VARG's for when I finally run my mecha-based game after the winter break. I'd originally considered going back to customising wargaming miniatures, but the look and feel of the various Gundam models fits the feel of the game so much better. So, I bought one.

Standing atop my monitor, it's not readily obvious that it's a kit. Thanks to stickers and good colour choices for the plastic moulds, the thing is going to require a five-minute paint job at best. The amount of detail is also staggering. We're talking chest-vents, collar-mounted machine guns, shoulder jets, back-mounted jets... and it transforms. That's the other reason I got it. I'm a stone-cold junkie for transforming robots. Bite me.

In work-related news, it's official: the University's careers department is a group of monkeys with their heads shoved so far up their own arses they're living in a gastrointestinal universe of their own devising. I honestly think I've been rendered a bit more stupid by my exposure to them. Unfortunately, this means all the work sorting out what I want to do is going to have to start all the sooner, which is a lot of a bugger when I have to do little things like my final year project, and graduating. Just the little things, of course.

My project was finally approved! Only two damn weeks late. I swear I am going to shoot my award leader. Good news is that the plan is all good, as is the ethical statement and a little piece on the difference between symmetric and public key cryptosystems. I'm going to be implementing a mix of both, public key for transmitting the keys for symmetric, which can then be used for all other purposes. I have not the resources to properly implement secure public key full scale, especially for large files. I also have to write a paper for my chaos theory class on the Chaos Game. That should be a breeze. Other than that, work appears clear.

That will give me more time to work on my master plan. All I need is a mini-fusion reactor, and I can build MFP's bunny Lola a nice suit of battle armour from Gundam model kits and spare bits of Transformers glommed of eBay. If I do that for my housemate's rats as well, they should be able to combine into a single, Voltron-like super-armoured ball of furry death. Lola will own you, believe me. Mankind's only chance might be splicing bits of dead cats into ourselves to make us into the perfect master-race, all claws and fur and lightning reflexes. Of course, with my faith in humanity, we'll probably end up getting the bits that don't do what you tell them to, the tendency to sleep at inopportune moments and the need to piss on furniture. I'm willing to live under the rule of Lola-tron, if that's the alternative.

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