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Fucking little townie bastards...

And here was me going to get takeout. I ate early and needed more curry, so I headed out to get food from the Indian here. Of course it turns out that the wanker brigate of teenage townie fucks have finally found someone willing to supply twelve year olds with some form of alcohol. The usual mobs of the little fucks are going absolutely psycho, throwing the public bins at shop windows. All the takeaways are closed, two with smashed windows. Too many of the drunk shits to kill. I go hungry. I am thus completely and totally pissed off.

In other, slightly less violent news, I finally got around to typing up my graduation day report. Go. See. It has pictures of me looking like an idiot and everything.

Went to see T3 today. Lots of guns, lots of explosions, lots of violence... but it was obviously cleaned so ir got a 12A. The thing should have been a bit more bloody and a 15, especially because of the kids. Yup, kids. There were two groups, and the oldest can't have been ten years old, and yet there they were going in to see Terminator 3. Worse was when they went in I happened to be muttering "I can finally get out of this fucking jacket". Of course, their parents had gone in with them, and they gave me a right glare. It's a fucking Arnie movie. People are going to die messily, there is going to be one Hell of a lot of ammunition expended, the start of the film has both Arnie and this lass naked, and they are probably going to swear like troopers throughout. And these shitheads were glaring at me for swearing in front of their darling children. Fuck'em, it's certainly not my problem that they're retarded.

Other shit... other shit... Nope. That's it. I'm done.

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