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Not 24 hours

The parents haven't been back 24 hours and already I'm cursing them. They ate the last of the food I'd bought[1], crashed and clattered around after I'd had less than four hours sleep in the name of unpacking, and then tried roping me into all manner of chores which I'd already done. Thus, I hid out. Then cue quite possibly the worst Chinese takeaway that I have ever eaten (there's something wrong when the best part is the prawn crackers). Of course, my avoidance of them got the cries of being antisocial and all of their usual repartee of guilt trips... add to that, when I tried to get online I managed half an hour before the useless fuckers they use as an ISP decided it wants to kick me off and not let me reconnect for over an hour. Of course, I've tried explaining how this is a bad thing, how much a constant net connection would help, how I'd pay for it out of my dole money on top of the board, but they are having none of it. Shit dialup. Useless fucks.

So, I'm here with nothing to eat (they decided to scarf the last of my ramen for lunch, while I was out), nothing to drink but water (they polished off the soft drinks and the coffee), and a net connection that makes me want to mutilate people. Self-pitying bullshit it may be, but days like this do make me want to slip into a quagmire of weed, alcohol and hardcore pornography. Except I have no weed, there is no alcohol in the house, and Kazaa is being a bitch. Anyone know of a good porn paysite?

[1]: I pay board, a part of which goes towards the food bills. Therefore when I buy food, I don't buy it for other people and when others scarf what I have bought it pisses me off.

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