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No updates for a while. For too long, in fact. I'm currently sat in the loft-den, the space with the desktops. My main machine is in Linux mode for the first time in too long and I feel like I've had the first double vodka of the night and my muscles are melting just from seeing WindowMaker. I have to be there in order to polish some code that I'm doing as a favour for a friend of my brother, in exchange for cash. The laptop is perched alongside, acting as my online reference deck and LJ updating tool. Oh, and I've wired it into the desktop speakers for music. The whole thing is happily reminiscent of Uni.

I've been thinking in code recently. Not because of this, but for a few reasons. First, obviously, is Good Programming Considered Harmful. Fiction, manifesto and excuse for me to vent about the average-idiot mentality of the computing industry.

Hold on. Bass solo. *air guitar*

Also, because the more and more I see them being used, I want a futurephone[1]. And I was thinking of ways to update a LiveJournal using a futurephone. And how to code this up using a simple e-mail gateway. Then back to my no-account Friends list (which is more than likely going to be useless). Then getting my encryption software to work.

All of that to procrastinate doing, well, anything. Especially this coding. And writing. Bah.

Edit: Oh yeah, I also un-Friended the History entry. Re-reading it I'm a lot more comfortable with people knowing that and there's nothing incriminating for anyone.

[1]: A WAP and GPRS cellphone with integrated camera and ability to send photos, e-mail and to blog with images all from the phone. What salesdroids are calling "next generation" phones.

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