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A group assignment for mathematical modeling is not something I want to have to deal with on a Sunday. Nor is realising that I have to write up a full report on software design methodologies for tomorrow afternoon, and I can't find a way to start on either. I just want to slack off as I have for the past week. I dunno what's wrong with my lack of motivation.

Of course, finding out that some error has cost me a large sum of money certainly doesn't help, especially when I need that money to live on. I can't find motivation to do anything, except perhaps wreak bloody vengeance on every bank in Germany. If I could afford a flight over, that is.

I want the money back. Mainly because I want to live, but also because I have an idea for a couple of Gundam kitbashes. Late model Alex and a Tallgeese. Three guesses where I'm going with this...

Yesterday was fun, at least. I finally completed Soldier of Fortune (bite me, I only installed it a week ago). Now it's a case of seeing if my joystick works so that I can get Heavy Gear 2 working. Old game, but still fun. Speaking of games, the Neocron demo has made me long for the cash to get the game. It's about the only MMORPG I could get into. It's not crap fantasy (Evercrack), it's not crap fantasy dressed up as science fiction (Anarchy Online, alias Evercrack with new graphics), it's a game that started with the premise of being a good MMORPG without stealing too much from the others. The single-player demo from the website does precisely what Evercrack should do, it sells the player on the game by showing them what a mid-level character can do, rather than saying "Here! We'll give you one crap quest because you can do jack shit till you hit level 10 anyway. Oh, and don't try doing anything else, because you will die. Welcome to the game." I want money for Neocron.

I want some motivation to get this work done most of all, though.

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