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I am Stew's sense of self-destructive depression

THose of you that remember saying here that there was a reason for my not updating that week. Well, I can finally divulge that reason.

I had an interview on the 6th. Down in Ilford, in Essex. One of those places where I had to go down there the day beforehand in order to be there. Over that night spent stuck in a Travel Inn, I wrote up a rather nice LJ entry in my slightly hollow style that I have been told is so good. I was originally going to post it on the Thursday, but figured that doing so before I knew the results of the interview was just going to jinx the whole thing.

The letter came this morning. I needn't have bothered.

The only interview I have got so far, in almost two months of hunting for jobs. One interview. That's all I've had and all I'm likely to get. Fuck... just, fuck.

Self-esteem... what a ludicrously pathetic concept. Why on earth would I have that when I can have a good healthy sense of how useless I am?

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