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As a general update, feeling much better than I was Thursday/Friday. Just one of the problems with being me is the occasional depressive funks lasting a couple of days. If I didn't make it clear then, I do appreciate all the advice, well-wishing and so on, I just have a hard time letting such be known at the time as that goes against the A/Not A divide. So yeah, thanks.

In other news, asides from job hunting, I've been playing Freedom Force, a game which is really rather bloody good. I'm trying to come up with my own little group of lunatics to go wandering around in spandex, and wishing I had a better connection so I could download some of the insanely cool mods. Mmmm, Iron Man. *achem* For those not in the know, Freedom Force is a computer tactical/RPG type of thing whereby players control squads of superheroes. It makes me want to dig out Champions, as the hero creation system is a kind of Champions Lite, cutting down on all the mathematics. The fact that I have also been digging into the old Marvel Super Heroes game can't be coincidence. Oh, to have a gaming group and someone else to GM.... maybe next lifetime.

For those who missed the all-too-subtle note in the Forums, I'm WolfSpoor's Keeper of the FAQs. Which is nice. More of you should stop by over there, the forums are dead and could use some people educated in Werewolf and Mage.

Other other news involves the total nature of t3h 5uck which is my connection. Since Thursday it's done nothing but dick me around. Stupid Kingston "We haemmorage money like Chelsea's new Don" Communications. That's the main reason for wanting a place to call my own: Cable 'net and TV. And a room which isn't the smallest in the house, but that's an ongoing gripe. Soon, though.

I've been wanting to write, but I can't focus. I'm one of the strangest of the strange, someone who works better from a title than from a blank slate. You've seen the kinds of titles I use[1], so suggest some. Four word maximum, but make those four words work. Make them suggest a hundred things cooler than anything you could possibly think of. Make me want to write something to do with it.

Aaron, you still owe me a mail, old love. Every time you say you'll mail me, you don't. Though I can happily tell you that come Hell or high water, we are going to Maiden in Manchester. Mail me and tell me who I have to kill to get tickets?

'Lise, Kris, I'm posting things Tuesday by the look of things. Wednesday at the latest. You will love me like you love no other when you get them.

[1]: If you haven't, fuck off to the Memories and correct your grievous error. I have no time for lollygaggers.

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