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E-mail and vodka

Vodka is good. Friday afternoon, me and my dad were fitting some bespoke garage windows that we had made one the evenings of the previous week for my grandparents. This involved gratuitous use of my favourite of all household tools, the crowbar. We got the old windows ripped out, had problems with the lack of lintle and all that there like[1], suffered through collapsing bricks... the long and the short, I ended up doing demolition, lat fixing and pointing. This was apparently enough to warrant as a gift[2] a very nice litre of vodka. So I have been drinking it, because I rule. And damn, but vodka makes me feel like a sexy God.

Anyway. Two related e-mail things. First off, I've been cleansing my Hotmail inbox. I only really get around to that once every six months to a year, and I find all the fun shit from a year ago. Unfortunately, I find all the crap I came across, all the shite that the Forum Nazi had mailed me, and all the bollocks from some retard on the Mage forum, the backwash of the Right-Wing-Shitheads to me daring to comment on American stuff without their permission and *gasp* not being nice when I did so... all the crap from mailing lists and things that I thought were important to keep at the time which can be deleted now but mixed in with the mail where I explain my take on IWcca with Abbadon, the relatively large number of mails (4 in the past year, for me that's a lot) thanking me for the Forum FAQ... some of the ideas I sent the Funkster and others that I had later forgotten about... a paradigm idea from everinward which I really want to reply to at some point. I really need to answer half of these.

On the other e-mail related thing, my university e-mail account is dead. When needs be, I shall still be using wk057582 as a unique identifier (it's my fucking number) but as of today it's not anything to do with the university. This means that any mail sent to will not be read. It will not be answered. It will vanish into the aether. The problem is there were a few mails I wanted to save from this account but the university's Dumb and Dumber[3] gave me a snarky response about "We gave you a mail saying 28 days". I replied saying that they had promised a month. They said something to the effect of 28 days is a month. I sent them back "Only February. Get a fucking calendar and educate yourselves, plebian scum." but I don't think this will get me any more than feeling good at berating morons. It's nothing major. I had Station Analysis going to there for a while, until I switched to MRB due to size limitations (MRB has a total 10x more than my uni account). But that was when I had time to read Station Analysis. Fucking lack of time online. But anyway, all I lost was some copies of incomplete FYP code and a couple of old assignments that I should have on here anyway. That and some mails to Dave rescheduling meetings... even so, there's no more obvious sign that the uni has got rid of me. Bah. I need to get back to education.

I also need coaldustcanary here. Right now. With handcuffs and a whip.

[1]: My family all says this. We are Yorkshire, fuckers!
[2]: Not payment. If it were the government wold take it off me.
[3]: IT Services, nothing to do with the School of Computing

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