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The website

I'm really not too happy with my website right now. There's shite all over the place, the design (whilst simple and fast-loading) makes use of a style-sheet originally made for one subseciton, thus all the styles and heading customizations are nonsensical, the Enemy Territory section hasn't been updated for over a year, and some of the fiction up there, while it seemed incredibly good at the time I wrote it, now makes me wince.

Thing is, if I'm going to tear it down and start again, I don't want to keep it hosted somewhere as shite as Tripod. If I do redesign the site, I'm doing it when I have a domain name to call my own and no advertising, so until then it's just a case of just thinking about what to change. I'm going to rip down a few of the more wince-worthy stories, and probably change the link to the Enemy Territory section to being a link here.

I dunno. I don't want to do like aarondb and tear down the whole thing, because there's still some stuff up there that I really like and some stuff that people rely on being there, and I haven't the cash to buy some space of my own. So yeah. Whatever.

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