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Further to the previous post

I'm now taking a chainsaw to the site, cutting out the stuff that's really crap and reorganising some of what's there. And implementing a link back here.

The changelog so far:
  • Tweaked the bio and history pages to bring them up to date
  • Restructured the misc writing page, added issue links for Option X and removing sections that were crap (I honestly believe all of nobody read the Best of the Forum section).
  • Realised I need to update Rage Across the Forums. If anyone has a full set from the New Group Interviews and first Tender Years, let me know. I need to work out what order they went in.</li>
  • Took a chainsaw to the Roleplaying section. A couple of articles went, and another is offline until I can bring myself to rewrite. Chris Campbell's unofficial rewrite of the Ceilican is up there now, though.
  • Excised links to the on-site Enemy Territory pages. They were something I threw together early in the list's life, and to be frank they were shit. All references now point to the list archives here, on Topica. The section link has been replaced with a link here.
  • Tweaked a few other pages for spelling and grammar

The major redesign is buzzing around in my head, but I've still not really got anything. Ah well.

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