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In no particular order

I figured I've given you all plenty of time to read and comment on the Transformers game, time for a more general update.

The reason I've been so knackered lately is that my mum's been in hospital. I didn't want to tell anyone when she went in for fear of jinxing it[1], and because I figured it was more personal than I first thought. Then earlier I thought "What the fuck, this has been affecting too much." It's had me more cranky than usual that I'm the one having to do everything, it's affecting my thinking on many things, and the people I would talk with are all online anyway. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, she got out on the first and has been getting better since. But even so, it's a drain on my time and energy, especially with my dad being off to look at her. Bah.

Stupid people are beginning to me more than usual and should be hunted and killed for sport and food. Especially those in government.

I have shelves. Most of my shit is out of the garage. I am therefore heartened.

Rooney does not deserve to be on the England team. Anyone who disagrees with me knows fuck-all about football, like the commentators on the Beeb.

Five days to get this stuff for etherladwritten. I'll get it done, just going to require telling the family to fuck off for a while.

Does anyone know of a good way of permenantly getting rid of a blocked nose? This head cold has been pissing me off for a couple of days and it's getting as I can't be near a power saw without needing a facemask, which is dumb with the amount of work I'm doing with my dad.

All I want right now is a large bed and two girls. And a week to enjoy that. But I won't get it.

[1]: The same reason I don't tell people when I have interviews.

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