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Johnny Cash is dead, and everyone on my Friends list needed to tell me. The Man in Black was an inspiration to my wardrobe and a damn fine guy. Country hell, he was a rock'n'roll legend. There are respects to be paid there

But that's not all I have to say. There's actually going to be something of worth in this post, unlike so many repeating the same story.

Been workganging all day. It's this thing the family has where all of the physically able males (no gender discrimination intended, but none of the females in my family like lifting ten foot lengths of two-by-four) gather in order to do a job and get it done right. In this case, me and my dad[1] had to re-roof the garage. So, with crowbar and lump hammer in hand we got to the job. And bugger me but it took a long time. But on the other hand, we have everything ready. The old roof is disposed of, the old, warped beams have been fixed and repaired (just), these beams have then been fixed and re-faced and nailed into place. The tin roof that was supposed to be arriving at 2 today is in fact going to arrive at nine tomorrow morning, but all that needs is nailing on. Of course, this means I've been working all day with a bad head cold which is refusing to get the fuck out of my system. I've brought up so much green shit I felt like I was regurgitating a jellyfish. At least I'm knackered enough to sleep well tonight.

And. Erm. I'm loving the SoE book. Especially the many throwaways which spark ideas. Malcolm, if there was any specific inspiration bejond Herschel Jones, please let me know[2] so I can work towards the ideal and changing my name.

[1]: Both grandfathers aren't physically able any more and my brother was being a ponc.
[2]: On a related note, I'm probably way off base but I'm seeing odd parallels between some of the characters and Mage forumites.

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