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The Indyref

So, that happened. I was somewhat distracted by reasons, but it's worth a quick post-mortem.

I’m not sure what else to say, really. Fifty-five percent of the people living in Scotland threw all of us under the bus. Some because they’re racists. Some because they’re sectarian bigots. Some because they’re racists and bigots in suits. Some because they’re racists and bigots forced to mask their hatred in order to appear less hateful. Some because they idiots who betrayed the legacy that they were supposed to uphold. Some because they have a delusion of relevance. Some because they were scared, or believed provable falsehoods.

Some because they believed a promise that a fucking two-year-old could tell you was complete bollocks, a promise made illegally, without any will from the people making it, worth less than the fish-wrap it was printed in, desperately invented to pacify idiots who still believe that the English government give two tugs of a dead dog’s dick about Scotland and that will never fucking happen because now they’ve got our oil money and they can still keep nukes next to our most populous city, so fuck those tartan-wearing porridge-wogs who are too bastard stupid to remember 1979.

I know people who think that this promise will happen. I fucking despair that they can’t see a transparent lie when it’s shat into their mouths.

All of these people fucked us royally. You may be able to divine that I’m just a tiny bit narked.

The truth of the matter, of course, is that independence right now was a means to an end. I’m not saying that because I believe that Devo-Max — full fiscal autonomy, with only defense and foreign affairs reserved to Westminster — would be a desirable outcome. That would still leave us bombing brown people because the American government asked us and complicit in apartheid. Hardly ideal. Yes, the break-up of the Westphalian system is an obvious good, and a beneficial goal to aim for, but frankly Scottish independence isn’t going to be the spark that sets it off.

In the medium term, independence was just the easiest route to give the Overton window a hard shift left. A chance to remove nuclear weapons from the Clyde, a chance to invest in renewables rather than fracking, a chance to deal with the fact that some areas of Glasgow have an average male life expectancy of just 54, a chance to make things better.

Now, that might not have happened. That’s why it’s a chance. But look at it this way: the odds of any of these things happening under the Westminster government? Absolutely bugger-all. Not a fucking hope. If you believe otherwise, you are deluded. So our choices are chance of things getting better, but a chance of things getting worse, vs. things getting worse because people down south see Scotland as a handy place to put nuclear weapons and steal the oil from.

The need for change hasn’t gone away. The end goal is the same. The means has changed, though.

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