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Not On Twitter

In other news, the reasons in the other post also lead to me not really being on twitter. Partly, I needed a post-Indyref break so I didn't end up advocating armed and violent revolution in a public forum. Partly, I just didn't have the means or the time to really post.

While things have settled down, I've not yet gone back. I know people are organising, that the whole Yes movement is building into a range of groups for various positive ends, but I don't think I can go back just yet. Apart from stuff that's auto-posted (like these entries), I'm not going to be there.

It's good for my mental health. [personal profile] grendelsmere says that I'm personally offended by broad social trends. Mostly, I see the news and it makes me depressed and it makes me angry. Especially during the indyref, I saw a lot of news. This had the effect you'd expect. It also tanked my productivity in other areas.

So I'm continuing with the break for now. When I go back, I'm going to take a step back from Scottish politics, not because I'm not still interested, or because I don't want change, but because that desire for change needs a tighter focus. I'll go back to gaming and tech nerdery and bad jokes.

But it won't be this week, or the next.

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