Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Missing Words

For all that English is a violent and cruel language that doesn't so much borrow words as chase other languages down dark alleys and mugs them of everything it can get, it does have some missing terms. The German schadenfreude is the obvious one (though the German has pretty much become English by default), as is lagom, taken from Swedish.

I wonder what we can steal for "The unexpected joy of finding you've already done something you were planning on doing".

In this case, finding my ticket for Half Man Half Biscuit on the 31st, and being happy that I don't need to go get one. Or opening a drawer at work and finding a chocolate bar (or can of Red Bull) that you'd forgotten was there, right when you need a sugar hit.

I used to post this sort of shit on Googol Plus, which does have a huge community if you're an RPG geek. Given the current shite over there with toxic wastes of a genome and the people who uncritically enable them, I'm coming back to Livejournal for things longer than tweets. Let's see if this lasts for longer than just this post.

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