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Iron Age Mums are Haunting my Cagoule

One of these days I’ll run out of lyrics for titles. Not any time soon, though.

This last weekend was Conpulsion, at which I was a guest. What with living about five minutes from the venue, I’m an easy mark for them. It was a little disorganized compared to some previous years — I only found out what panels I was on by reading the con programme on the Friday night — but once I knew where I was supposed to be things went well.

Also, guests got cake. I will put up with a whole shitload of stuff in exchange for cake.

Other guests included both of Cakebread and Walton[1], Cat Tobin of Pelgrane Press, Simon Burley[2], Arion Games' Graham Bottley, M. Harold Page, and others who I cannot remember just now. I also caught up with a whole mess of people who I do not have the space or good manners to link to individually here.

I was part of panels on writing RPGs and on getting published, both of which went very well indeed. I also got a bunch of gaming in[3], snagged a couple of Pelgrane books in the charity auction (Eternal Lies and an ARC of Letters to Lovecraft[4])[5], and came third in the pub quiz at least partially because I could remember which side Nick Fury and Deathstroke’s eye-patches are on.

For all that it was a great time, having spent a (six-day) long weekend with family on the weekend before, I really could do with a weekend to myself. Need to get caught up on books, again.

  1. I met Pete at Conpulsion a couple of years ago, but hadn’t met Ken before.  ↩

  2. Still didn’t get to play in one of his games. Next time!  ↩

  3. Best game is a tie between Phil Harris’ Rings and Alan Jackson’s Dropzone — the latter is now in its 21st year being run at cons.  ↩

  4. Say what you will, I am a total sucker for an ARC.  ↩

  5. Thanks (I think) to Craig Oxbrow for bidding against me to get the charity total up.  ↩

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