Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


Something from an old forum conversation, that I had thought lost forever.

>>Before we go farther, I do want to say, mr. Raven, that this has been a fun conversation and I'm glad it hasn't gone into just flame wars, managing to remain civilized.<<

The name's Stew. I sign every post with it, and to find people calling me "Mr. Raven" freaks me out. It's like one of those weird mornings when I wake up and I actually am a raven but it's okay because everyone around me is also an animal, but in some bizarre magical woodland way we all speak English, and there's this chick in a Disney-blue dress walking through saying "Hello, Mr. Chipmunk!" and "Hello, Mr. Raven!". But those mornings are rather rare, as I've started taking LSD in the evenings now.

Now, read and comment on Op-X

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