Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Hey Blakey, does your bus stop at the dark satanic mills?

"Yeah, I'll update Livejournal more because G+ is a terrible place and the RPG communities are full of toxic motherfuckers who take delight in threatening people I like for the crime of designing games they don't like."

The regular update thing is slipping, I know.

Thing is, while things have been happening I keep forgetting about it by the time I sit at a keyboard. That or I have other things on my mind so I don't say much. I'm also not much of one for talking about things that haven't happened just yet, as that's a guaranteed way of screwing them up. At least, every time I've talked about something that's going to happen it's gone wrong. Between that and some stuff that it is not my place to talk about, I've been in read-only mode for a while.

On Monday, I ended up reading back through some of the entries here. Initially tracking birthday posts, then the general stuff in May. Good grief. Unlike previous times, when it's been a symptom of melancholy, this time was an honest assessment, and a way to see how far age (and medication) has taken me from the complete arsehole that I was. I'm not the person I was, and thank fuck for that.

Anyway, have some photos.

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