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What have I done?

So I've signed up to duolinguo in order to pick up the basics of German that I didn't pick up when I was living there (most anything not involving beer, fags, and system administration). One of the things that came up during the basic adjective section was "meine schöne Pferd" — my lovely horse — which got a laugh as one might expect.

I might have mentioned it in the pub later. I might also have mentioned that I'd been idly thinking, and was up to "fetlocks" in the lyrics. And having tweeted this, [personal profile] feorag noticed.

Meine schöne pferd
Laufen durch das feld
Wohin gehst du mit
deine Fesselgelenk wallend
in der Brise?

Ich möchte Sie Würfelzucker zu geben
und reite auf Sie über Zäune
Polieren Sie Ihre Hufe jeden Tag
und bringen Sie zum Pferd Zahnarzt

Meine schöne pferd
du bist ein Pony nicht mehr
Laufen rund um mit einem Mann auf dem Rücken,
wie ein Zug in der Nacht
wie ein Zug in der Nacht

Now I just need to learn it to the tune. It's not perfect, and a couple of places have one too many syllables, but hey. It's good enough for a party piece.

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