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I hate people that don't communicate

Well, I'm glad that is over. I got an ICQ message from someone that I know asking if I was on cable, earlier. I responded in the affirmative to the rather abrupt query and got, a few minutes later, an IP address. No explanation or anything like that, just an IP address on what appears to be a private network. So, I ping it and get asked if I've looked at it in IE. People that expect me to use IE should be shot.

So, I take a look at the site, and it turns out to be the configurtation utility of a cable modem, apparently ours here. I use the default ID and password and it lets me in. In a fit of paranoia, I change the username and password to a more secure set and gather together the others to quiz them.

Tracerting the IP shows only three hops from my machine. The bastard had somehow got the IP of our cable modem and was using that to interrogate the firmware HTTP server. If he had been malicious, he could have left our modem nothing more than an expensive paperweight. The problem was solved, but even so. It wouldhave been nice to have an idea of what in the various negative netherworlds said acquaintance of mine was going on about without having to interrogate him for twenty minutes. He could have put the entirety of the information he imparted to me over that time into one ICQ message and saved me much aggravation.

So, to relax I hypothesised about the use of a spirit of the Ebola virus as a patron to a pack of Red Talons, taking into account the animistic nature of the particular game world and the triatic nature of spiritual affiliations. It was nice to get into a proper debate about Werewolf for a change. That, and I came up with a rough plan for a Transformers tabletop roleplaying game. I feel like such a geek.

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