Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

The Great Migration, Take 2

This is my last post to Livejournal.

If you don't already know why, you haven't been paying attention.

I moved my main activity over to Dreamwidth a while back, cross-posting entries to here. Most of the people likely to read this have probably already migrated; if you haven't found it yet I'm at I'd urge anyone who hasn't yet to follow people over there.

This LJ will remain present as an archive, and because I have a lot of old links pointing here. I have turned off crossposting, however. If you stay here, you won't see anything more.


In addition to Dreamwidth, I can be found in other places:
  • Interesting bits of writing, including the longer stuff that would go here and cleaned-up old essays and bits of fiction are going on, which is a pointer to my personal space over on
  • Stuff relevant to my RPG writing/publishing work is on Zero Point Information
  • Food blogging now happens at Little Pleasance Kitchen
  • I'm @digitalraven on Twitter
  • I post as DigitalRaven on SomethingAwful and as Vatican Broadside on RPGnet
  • I do have a presence on Facebook, but I heavily curate my friends list there so please don't be annoyed if I do not accept your friend request.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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