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General updates

Updates, in no particular order

The job hunt is still going shite.

I'm sick and tired of whiny Vampire players spewing out "I hope Werewolf changes to be Vampire-With-Fur in the new WoD!" Fuckers should realise that the game sold because, maybe, it wasn't. Bastards.

I really want to run a game. I want to run Werewolf using my variant setup (on both the WW forums and the WolfSpoor forums. I want to run an X-Men game based on Morrison's comics and the films using Wild Talents (because fuckit, a game needs rules). I want to run Nobilis even though I know I won't have the energy to do so without sucking horribly whenever I get online.

I might as well make it official. My attempt to quit smoking lasted till the end of July. Things just got too much and I cracked. I could argue that only smoking a single roll-up a night is somehow better than the five to ten a day I was on. I could, but I won't because to be quite frank, it's bollocks. The only thing that changes is that this way is a lot cheaper. But I don't want to pay with my life. Going to quit properly again tomorrow (as I've had my cig for tonight) and see how long that lasts.

Shite'n'onions, life would be better if I had some fucking weed. Damn not knowing anyone around.

Lack of physical social interaction (whined about in entries passim) is getting on my tits just as much as always. However, I figured you could guess that.

There's a buzzing in my head, like there was last October but worse. More potential in the thought-sphere. What it means, I do not yet know. It does make me want to write, though.


One of the big things that is going to happen to me in the future is a move over to Leftpondia (that's North America). Initial plans are to hit the U.S. (hopefully Purdue or somewhere of its ilk) to get a Masters' degree, then move somewhere else to hopefully find employment and to live with coaldustcanary. At present, a lot of factors are making me consider Canada to be this final destination (though we haven't given enough thought as to where in Canada). Any suggestions you could give, or sites useful for Brit to Canadian culture shock, or any other thoughts?

Does anyone reading this know (to the point of being able to discuss, if not play) Cybergeneration, Nephilim or Unknown Armies?
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