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My word

I only just realised, my LJ is one year old. While I certainly don't normally endorse the concept that one should track and "celebrate" the "birthdays" of online endeavours, it does give me an excuse to do a rather general year-by-year update. So, how far have I come?

Then, I was starting my final year of university, still getting grounded in living in England again. Due to living in Germany and then going to seecoaldustcanary I had spent maybe seven weeks grand total in England before I started my LJ. I was still adjusting to getting back into the swing of academia and all of that reminiscent crap.

So what's changed? Productively, I've got my degree. Unproductively, my social status changed from "Student" to "Unemployed". Perversely, I am getting money I don't have to pay back from the government now that I wasn't then. I've gone from living with some good mates to being back at my parents' place. I've met more people that I only knew from the online world. I've written what many people would consider a lot of fiction, and I've procrastinated on writing fiction for Ian^WOthers.

But with all this said, what else has changed? Not much. So really, what's the point of this post? Narcissism, I guess.



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